Hi my name is Marco Moretti.
A Unity developer based in Florence, Italy.

Bioshock tought me that videogames are more than pure entertainment and convinced me to join the game dev community!

Editor scripting, tool programming, game and project accessibility, QA and project automatization are my favourite fields.

In my free time I really like trying all sorts of videogames, but When I’m not seated at a desk I like to play tabletop games, hiking, urbexing and all sort of adventurous activities.


Programming for Game Development
The Sign Comics and Arts Academy, Florence
2020 – 2023

High School
Liceo Scientifico e Linguistico Niccolò Rodolico, Florence
2015 – 2020


Game Programmer
2022 – (Ongoing)


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Dungeons at wAR

Academic Project – 2 years
local multiplayer sometric grid based tactic game.

Worked on pathfinding, UI, map generation, unit customization and Debugging tools


Work project
2.5 adventure puzzle game.

Implementation of various programming patterns to code mechanics like the character switching one (strategy pattern).
Developed with the help of Zagarolo Game City


GGJ 2023 – 3 Days

Crocs Among Props

GGJ 2022 – 3 Days


Game for Tourism jam – 6 Days
AR game to stimulate Tourism in uncommon places in Lazio, Italy.

My first AR project where I used the built-in unity class for image recognition.
Web Article (Written in Italian)
(Solo programmer)

Christmas Break

Academic Project – 6 months
Isometric satiric stealth game.

I worked implementing an enemy state machine with 4 states and other stealth game mechanics.

Minimal Space Jam

Academic Project – 4 hours
Hyper casual mobile game

I worked on the world generation system as well as the player controller

The Spellcaster

Academic Project – 1 month
2D metroidvania shooter.

I worked on implementing the tilemap, the 2d navmesh
and simple utilities, Scriptable Objetcs and Prefabs to help creating enemy arenas and boss fights

Just Another Zombie Game

Academic Project – 2 Days
Top down twin stick shooter.

where I used the Unity navmesh and 3D models and animations for the first time